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Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates in Vancouver & New Westminster with Stephanie McCann

Many people go through a stage in their life where their physical functioning is below par. Their quality of life suffers, sometimes self-esteem & people often have associated pain that disrupts work, relationships, sleep - in fact their whole life. Stephanie can help to get you back on form at a pace to suit your lifestyle in Vancouver or Port Moody.

Stephanie's first step is to carry out a one-to-one assessment - a period during which you both get to know each other and she can ask questions about the problem that brings you to seek assistance with your physical fitness or mobility - was it a car accident, a fall, a sports injury, a gradual deterioration or the onset of pain during everyday activity?

Stephanie also usually spends some time manipulating the affected area & surrounding ones to discover more about your physical condition so she can design a treatment plan you feel comfortable with and that will rebalance your body to improve its functioning. Stephanie has proven herself particularly effective by combining her Stott Pilates training, Physiotherapy & Neuro Rehab using the Bobath concept - all of which she has added to many years of competitive (and medal winning) sports experience at an International level with the Canadian Olympic Team. If you need help in Vancouver, contact Stephanie.


Clinical Pilates

Neuro Rehab

Physiotherapy sessions are one-to-one which allows us to develop a more comprehensive treatment plan and provide a more productive treatment sessions with more time for patient education, manual techniques, and supervised exercise.

The principal aim is to identify and correct the dysfunctional movement patterns that are often at the root of pain and injury. This facilitates a more complete physical rehabilitation process, and empowers the patient with the knowledge of what to do to prevent, minimize, or self-manage reoccurrences. It's frequently reassuring for the patient simply to be able to understand their injury better and the origins of their pain - which helps at a subconscious level with their physical morphology.

We offer Physiotherapy in Vancouver & Port Moody across the full spectrum of wellness and function — from preventative screenings to injury rehabilitation, to peak sports performance — and create together a personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

 Physiotherapy in Vancouver 

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Clinical Pilates is taught by a physiotherapist and uses Pilates equipment such as a reformer, tower, chair and barrels along with traditional physiotherapy techniques to tailor a rehabilitation program specific for your needs.  

Using Pilates equipment such as the Reformer and Cadillac, emphasis will be placed on pelvic and scapular stabilization, and integration of all the parts of the body into one. The basic principles will be used to design a program specific to the individual's needs, whether it be more injury rehabilitation or improving the activities and mobility for daily living.

The assessment will help to establish your patterns of muscle strength vs. weakness, mobility vs. stability at various joints so we can begin to design a program to encourage better posture and overall alignment. Whether you are new to Clinical Pilates in Vancouver or have been practicing for a while, you will receive a review of the basic principles, how they apply to your physiotherapy assessment & the improvements you can expect.

 Clinical Pilates in Vancouver/Port Moody 

The definition of “Neurological Rehabilitation” is professionally supervised progressive exercises for people with diseases, trauma after accidents, or nervous system disorders. Neurological rehabilitation using gentle & progressive movement often improves function of limbs, reducing the severity of a recovering patients symptoms, & improving their overall mobility, well-being & quality of life.

Stephanie's Neuro Rehab treatment programs in Vancouver integrate the Pilates Principles & the use of Pilates equipment with various Neurological Rehabilitation techniques such as the Bobath Concept to treat individuals with conditions impacting the nervous system such as stroke & brain injury along with various degenerative neurological diseases. 

The goal of treatment is to increase balance, improve core strength & find strategies around pacing & planning to improve the current level of function.  It’s important to maximize quality of life and help to re-establish manageable roles or goals at home & work. Every success, however small, motivates clients towards future improvement.

 Neuro Rehab in Vancouver 

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